HyperPlasma LANETCO provides Plasma Video Walls with seamless technology in 42" and 16:9 ratio display units. Any configuration like 2x2 or 5x5 to 10x1 etc. can be realized and all can work in perfect combination with LANETCO's External Processors: HyperLan™, IPVision or HyperVision™, but also with its Cross Gates.

Main Specifications

    • High peak brightness & contrast ratio.
    • Slim and light weight.
    • Wide viewing angle.
    • Internal TEST Pattern (Window, full white, RGB).
    • Advanced digital circuit design.
    • Adopted exclusive digital processor.
    • PC (RGB) input/output terminal.
    • Video input/output terminal.
    • Up to UXGA, easy and quick control through the RS-232C displayed.
    • Auto selection among color standard NTSC, PAL, SECAM.
    • Image quality enhancement.
    • Easy configuration for multi screen by daisy chain.
    • Realization of Multi Displays & various picture Effects.
    • Enhanced Image Qualities.
    • RS-232C Control Functions.
    • Fully controled through IPCubeManager™.

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