Caramelspread CARAMEL SPREAD
LA - 320CS

Equipment for elaborating continuous caramel spread

This equipment is intended primarily for the continued development of commercial caramel spread with a different texture, color and brightness as required by th e market, from milk powder or condensed milk.

The equipment is supplied for this specific process, but can easily be adapted t o the other products that use the components that comprise it, always with the h ighest sanitary standards requirements indicated.

The equipment has essentially a heat exchanger ISR of scraped surface, adapted t o meet the stages of production, the circulation pumps of the product and the cl eanness of CIP team. All elements and their interconnection pipes, meets the hea lth requirements in the international order for food processing. It is offered w ith varying degrees of process control and automation. It counts with electrical panel command and control. The entire assembly is mounted as a unit on a transp ortable frame of stainless steel. A requirement can be supplied equipment prior preparation of the product and the packaging thereof to the end.

Services required:

Approximately 16 kW installed power.
Water cooling: 1000 liters/ hour – pressure 1-2 bar. Soft, clean, no sand or sal t-oxides. Temperature 4 to 220C.
Water cooling mechanical seals: 200 liters / hour - pressure 1 bar. Soft, clean, no sand or salt-oxides. T emperature 10 -220C.
Steam at a regulated pressure of 4-5 bar. Approximate 80/100kg / H.
Drain water and sweeping equipment. 6 bar compressed air-filtering.

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