Matrice Vidéo

LANETCO's Cross Video Gate is a true matrix switcher taking advantage from the latest technology on routing crosspoints.
It is specially designed to handle either very large band broadcast quality audio signals or standard TV video signals.

Matrice Vidéo The system is powered by a very user friendly software presenting many exceptional features such as visualization of system internal connections, memorization of the matrix configurations, labeling of the input/output interconnections, sequencing and automatic switching along with a broadcast audio/video quality.
It can also be fully controlled through IPCubeManager™ software when used with other devices.
The system may be configured to function as a network of multiple Cross Gates of different types.
Up to 16 video switchers of any type and size can be networked together and can be controlled by one PC with control software.

Main Specifications

    • Available in 16x16 and 8x8
    • Up to 256 configurations memory
    • Sequences of configurations
    • The last configuration can be automatically reloaded at device start-up

Video Specifications

    • Available in Composite & Y/C
    • 35 Mhz (-3dB) video bandwidth, fully loaded (internal matrix dedicated to video signals)
    • BNC type connectors for composite, S connector for Y/C
    • Typical crosstalk : -80 dB @ 5MHz
    • Input impedance : 75 Ohms
    • Signal to Noise ratio: better than 60 dB
    • Drive 75 Ohms external video load
    • Compatibility to NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL & SECAM

Audio Specifications

    • Available in Stereo unbalanced or differential balanced formats
    • Crosstalk: less than -70DB
    • Flat bandwidth : from 15 Hz to 25 KHz
    • 3db bandwidth : more than 110 KHz
    • CMRR or PSRR: better than 80 dB
    • Input impedance : 22 KOhms, Output impedance : 50 Ohms
    • Connectors : RCA/DB-25F for balanced

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