HyperControl™ is LANETCO's advanced and user friendly RS-232 control software which brings unlimited power to any Control Rooms! This incomparable software enables the users to display unlimited simultaneous images on their HyperCube™ or video wall.

HyperControl It is easy to manage all of the input sources and display, re-size, move them anywhere on the wall with just a click on the mouse. For control room solutions, LANETCO's software fits perfectly for large scale and desktop data and video display.

A theoretically unlimited number of multiple control points are possible, using HyperControl™ Remote Control, which can also run on operator workstations.

The operators will have full access to and control over all remote sources. HyperControl™ requires no additional hardware or cabling whatsoever. At the foundation of HyperControl™ is its ability to display and control, live, any computer sources (Windows, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, etc.) anywhere on a LAN (wired or wireless).

HyperCube™ system has for few years now been replaced by LANETCO's new IPCube™ display system which is now controlled by IPCubeManager™. So this present information is for the clients who are still using the HyperCube™ and for those who eventually want to control directly the Cross Gates or the previous HyperVision™8i in RS-232.

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