Convertisseur RGB vers DVI This LANETCO's module converts Analog RGB signals into Digital DVI-TMDS format.

It uses automatic pixel clock and phase recovery, with possible manual readjustment of both phase and frequency. It may also supply up to six different internally generated and user selectable patterns.

This converter provides the same digital TMDS signal simultaneously on 6 outputs and an analog buffered loop of the input signal for monitoring. Up to 8 units may be addressed and controlled through a single RS232 link. The unit may be controlled manually.

Main Specifications

    • Input : RGBHV or RGBS up to 1400 x 1050 resolution
    • Outputs : 6 digital TMDS outputs and one analog RGBHV up to 1400x1050 resolution
    • Build-in user selectable multi-pattern signal generator
    • May be used as a TMDS digital pattern generator for XGA and SXGA resolutions
    • Multiple options may be memorized.
    • As per TMDS standard, output cables up to 10 meters may be used
    • TMDS distributors may be used in cascade in order to multiply the number of outputs
    • Connectors : DB15 for analog signals and DFP-MDR20 female for digital outputs.
    • Controlled either manually or through RS232C terminal.

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