Additionally to the Video Walls, LANETCO manufactures external processors in order to increase the display capability of various display systems.
Each external processor has its own characteristics and all can even be used together for the maximum functionalities. They are all fully modular and flexible in terms of inputs signals type and quantity as well as for the number and resolution of the display outputs.

All of the external processors are managed from IPCubeManager™ which can operate all of them together and in any quantity for each in the same project.

3 different but complementary systems are available actually:

- IPVision™, the brand new one, dedicated to IP Video high performances processing and display.

- HyperLan™, designed for running local applications, distant computers network captures but also
  video and graphic signals direct inputs.

- HyperVision™, for full Real Time treatment, used where concentration and display optimization of
   many pictures from different formats in high quality are required.