IPVision™ is LANETCO's latest external processor which will bring its users to a new vision level in the world of display systems.

IPVision It is a complete display processor dedicated to decode and display pictures of IP Video Streams from IP Cameras, analog to IP encoders or digital recorders.
IPVision™ is real time and high resolution oriented and will provide the display of unlimited IP sources to unlimited outputs. It will work in perfect combination with LANETCO's video walls but can also work perfectly in standalone mode for a broad range of display systems.

Due to its flexibility and modularity, IPVision™ will easily meet any client's requirements about displaying its IP video sources.

Integrated to IPCubeManager™ control software, IPVision™ provides users with the ultimate Control Room Solution in terms of security and supervision purposes.

Main Specifications

    • Unlimited number of display outputs in DVI or RGBHV
    • Output resolution from VGA to UXGA
    • Can display pictures anywhere at any size
    • 1 to Unlimited IP streams decoded simultaneously
    • Frame rate up to 25/30 fps
    • Input resolution : 640x480, 320x240, 160x120, D1, CIF, QCIF, ...
    • Codec supported : MPJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (AVC-H264), MPEG4 (ASP), MJPEG2000,
                                   H.263, XVID, WMV, ...
    • Main IP Cameras an IP Encoders brand actually managed :
       - Acti
       - Ateme
       - Axis
       - Bosch
       - Cam-IP
       - Canon
       - D-Link
       - Dallmeier
       - Indigovision
       - IQ
       - Matrox Imaging
       - Mavix
       - Microsoft Media Server
       - Mobotix
       - Sony
       - Terracue
       - Truen
       - Vbrik
       - Vivotek
        (Contact us for more details on models supported)
    • Can integrate any other protocol from any manufacturer
    • Fully integrated to IPCubeManager™ for its control and settings through TCP/IP

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