HyperVision™9i is LANETCO's compact and modular fully Real-Time external processor.

This processor allows digitalization, frame rate conversion and synchronization of up to 9 different input signals in Real-Time.

HyperVision9i HyperVision™9i outputs 2 similar DVI/TMDS signals. The output signal is in fact a digitally tailored Picture-In-Picture version of all the 9 different input signals connected. Input signals may be of any industry standard format such as HDTV, Video, SDI, DVI/TMDS or RGBHV.

The Digital Input Cards of a fully loaded HyperVision™9i may receive in turn the outputs of 9 other HyperVision™9i modules connected in parallel in order to concentrate up to 81 pictures on one Digital Link.

This is a unique possibility letting users handle an unlimited number of pictures for demanding applications where HyperVision™9i is coupled with the power of IPCube™, is cascaded with other HyperVision™9i, or is associated to other LANETCO's External Processors, all under the full management of IPCubeManager™ control software.

Main Specifications

    • High quality image processor.
    • Supports 5 input signal formats (Video, RGBHV, DVI, SDI and HDTV).
    • Supports up to 9 modular input cards.
    • Outputs up to 9 live simultaneous pictures in a PIP format.
    • Any number of input signal connections using the Cross Gates.
    • Any input type may be mixed & displayed.
    • Possibility of labeling each input source through OSD.
    • Multiple internal test signals and color patterns.
    • Possibility of picture shrinks and zooms.
    • Possibility of cascading for picture number multiplications.
    • May be used as standalone system regardless of display type and technology.
    • Compact and Modular, may be changed and reconfigured by simple board insertion.
    • RGB input signal: up to UXGA.
    • Video & S-Video Input signal: All formats.
    • HDTV Input Signal: 480p to 1080i.
    • Digital Input Signals: either SDI or DVI/TMDS.
    • Output Signal: Digital factory preset.
    • Controlled by IPCubeManager™ software in TCP/IP.
    • Each unit is designated by an configurable IP address.
    • Multiple units can coexist in one installation.
    • Multiple units can be managed by a single control station.

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